State Of Decay 2: Info on Co-op, Permadeath, and the overall game.

State Of Decay 2 is an upcoming zombie survival game being developed by Undead Labs and Published by Microsoft Studios. We here at Schilling Pulse Video Games believe that the game will be released on March 31st, 2018, and our evidence is from the sales page on Amazon.

It is the sequel to the first State Of Decay game, and from what is shown off so far, it is shaping up to be a pretty big experience, so Let’s go over what we know now.

Everything we know about the Co-op:

State of Decay 2’s most requested feature to be added in was co-op, and this time, Undead Labs delivers that with the feature of 4 player drop in and out co-op. Anytime you want to have the opportunity to have co-op gameplay, simply make your game available for your friends to join. Or If you want immediate support, the game lets you use a flare gun. Shooting this flare gun codes in the opportunity for other players to join your game.

The Co-op experience does have something to be gained for all parties involved. The loot you take from any session, whether it’s a gaming session with your friends, or your in-game session is retained. This is splendid because you never feel like there is no purpose to playing with friends, as the XP you get and loot you gain, will always be carried over.

Permadeath, it’s a big deal:

Just like the original State Of Decay game, State Of Decay 2 brings Permadeath back into the picture. You can customize and create your character. They of course gain skills and such, but once you die, you lose all your XP, weapons and tools, it’s all gone. It will make for wanting to take a more tactical approach to the game, making smart decisions and such.
Permadeath also makes it risky for Co-op play because dying in a co-op game will still take away your character, and all the skills and tools the character gained. Perhaps it isn’t a good idea to have a co-op game with people you don’t know, it is always a risk to take note off.

The impact of survivors:

Nonplayable characters, such as the survivors you meet all throughout the game will have an effect on your survival, and how the overall story will play out. Each character has their traits in this game, their personality. Your actions, decisions, will impact how the non-playable characters will perceive you, and their decision-making process as well. This dynamic narrative structure to the story will change your personal adventure. It sounds fantastic on paper, and I hope that the developers pull it off to make it awesome in reality.

Along with the compelling narrative, you can also use various survivors to be the stronghold of the way you live throughout this game world. As characters have their personality traits, they also have their own skills. The skills have not been elaborated on very much, but I assume that there will be people who are cooks to keep you well-fed. Doctors and Nurses to tend to the wounded. Mechanics who can help with structure placement/building and so forth.

You can upgrade the skills of your survivors through RPG mechanics as well.

Not all survivors are helpful:

Some survivors can have a toxic personality. Not every one of your survivors are going to get along. The overall morale is affected by the mix of personalities and actions everyone takes. Things like snoring at night lower morale. The mechanics of intertwining mix of people sound promising.

There will always be situations where you will have to access the usefulness of some of your survivors as well. You do have the ability to kick survivors out of your camp. This will be an interesting mechanic because as I was talking about the personality traits earlier, each survivor could have a different reaction from being kicked out. Some will argue, some may become violent.

Another danger to survivors is that some zombies can infect people and turn them into zombies, and if one of your survivors becomes infected, it is up to you to make a decision, and that, of course, affects the overall morale of your camp.

The protection, yet hazards of base building:

So the world is surreal and apocalyptic. You need security, being out there in the wild is extremely dangerous. Building facilities for your base do add that extra comfort of making your life more comfortable and giving you access to resources that will help you get things done faster. However, the more survivors you have, the more resources you use and consume, the more noise you will make.

Making noise will attract more zombies to your location. In fact, just firing a gun carries the possibility of drawing an entire horde of zombies to your area. This game will make the player think about the cost efficiency of all their decisions, the risks that are involved, and the community as well. It is shaping up to be a brutal ride, and at times, you’ll have to figure out what is expendable, and these situations are almost never pretty.

The Setting:

State Of Decay 2 is of course in an apocalyptic setting themed game. Zombies have overtaken the military. The remaining survivors of this world are doing all they can to live on in what is an abandoned area of the Mid West in North America.

It takes place in a fictional North Western Region of the U.S.A. The atmosphere will consist of various rural areas and small towns. We know that the game will be open-world and the map will be even more significant than the first State Of Decay game.

Last Details:

To wrap this up, I’ll go into explaining how some of the gameplay mechanics work, the different types of zombies that you can expect and so forth.

You have your regular zombies. Then there are the pharoh zombies, basically, just zombies that possess high yields of speed. Juggernaut Zombies that are big and dangerous. The Juggernaut zombies take quite a bit of damage and are very dangerous to your survivors.

Screamers can bring a large number of zombies to a particular location, and then there are bloaters, these overweight zombies that will explode during death, emitting toxic fumes, so stay away.

We know that there will be a lot of shooting elements to this game, and everything has a scarcity feel to it. Every bullet counts, melee weapons break, so with your limitations and the constant need to scrap for resources, there will be an essential emphasis on conservation.

Along with the shooting mechanics, you can hold zombies to prevent them from moving, and also drag them around. This is to give the opportunity of crowd control, as well as making use of the co-op mechanics. One player holds the zombie, and the other player takes a shot.

Vehicles will play a large part in the traveling aspect of this game. There will be customizable options, and you can even pimp your rides out with heavy armor, making vehicles durable. The extent of customization has yet to be confirmed.

4K resolution will be available for both the PC and Xbox One X versions of the game.

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For now, that’s all we know at Schilling Pulse Video Games, as I said earlier, State Of Decay 2 has a chance of being released on March 31st, 2018, and we’ll be covering all of that. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll see you all in the next post.

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  1. I love zombie games and this one seems like another great one. I also like the twist where you can have permadeath making it more of a challenge when you play it.

    Have you played this game, and if so how far did you get in it?

    Also do you know if this game is available for the Nintendo switch?

    • Hi Michael, I have not played the game as it does not release until March 31st, this is more of a preview of what to expect. Also I do not believe that this game will be out for the switch, just Xbox One and PC.

      Thanks for the comment, I will be covering updates on this game in the future as it gets closer to release, so stay tuned at Schilling Pulse Video Games for more info.

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