Star Wars Battlefront 2 review: Is it worth it? Gameplay vs Micro-transactions

The state of affairs on the loot crate system, the micro-transactions, is it a pay to win game?

Before we go into the meat of the game, let’s answer the big question. Is it pay to win? Is the loot crate system breaking the balance of the game? Yes! Does it destroy all features and reasons to play the game? Not entirely, but let’s go through the progression model before we get into the gameplay, content, and other features that the game offers.

Throughout the various multiplayer matches you will play, you earn in-game currency that can be spent on loot crates. The loot crates randomly give you upgrades for your classes. You can also get star cards out of loot crates, which either give you a new ability or boost an ability that you already have.

Star cards have different tiers. Common being the basic version of abilities, to rare being the most powerful version of an ability. These boosts can give you insanely fast health regeneration, higher damage output for guns, and increases to your overall health by 40%.

In main game modes such as Galactic Assault, Strike, heroes cost between 5,000 to 15,000 credits with the main franchise players Luke and Vader requiring 15,000 credits. If you are a good player, you’ll probably make about 300-400 credits per galactic assault match. Along with getting near gear, spending credits, it has been reported by various sources that it could take as much as 30-40 hours to unlock the best heroes.

So with all of these things considered, there’s no way to say it’s not a pay to win game. The grind is stupidly long and exhausting. I can’t even imagine how long it would take to unlock all the game’s content without spending money. This game is screaming at you to buy it’s loot crates and other micro-transaction items to not only have a fair playing chance in the multiplayer but to be able to experience most of its in-game content.

For, all things considered, I cannot see any sort of justification for these practices besides give me money, and with that alone, I do not recommend this game for full price, as these tactics, in my opinion, are disgusting and uncalled-for. We still, however, cannot base this entire review on this pay to win system, we can’t just ignore the effort that has been put into the graphics, the animations, the gameplay, the creativity that has gone into this title. So with that being said, let’s go into how the gameplay works, and do an actual review of this game.


The gameplay stays true to the way things work in the first Star Wars Battlefront reboot. You can play in first person or third person. The gameplay is improved from the first reboot. Once again, you can combat roll in the Star Wars Battlefront series, and I believe that this is an excellent shout out to the glorious original series. You can play as the clones, or the republic I should say, and take on the trade federation’s droids, once again yes, you can play through the galactic civil war era in multiplayer.

As far as the mechanics go, it feels a bit more like the original Star Wars Battlefront games with the addition of having new classes, weapons. In the multiplayer, you have 14 maps to choose from, some new modes, and all of that good stuff. Let’s get into the multiplayer first shall we?


The Multiplayer for battlefront 2 is unbalanced due to the pay to win system, but here is what it offers.

Galactic Assault: a large scale objective based mode where there are attackers and defenders. One team has limited reinforcements and must destroy or complete some sort of objective to proceed. The defenders must, of course, defend the targeted objective for the attackers and deplete all the attacker’s reinforcements to stop them from succeeding in their goals.
This mode I believe takes place on all 14 maps, and each situation for the map has changed conditions, and the mechanics are a bit different for every map, but the consistency of the mode remains mostly the same for all maps. To get an example of how all the maps present different circumstances, read my galactic assault post here.

All in all, the mode is fun, and I loved how the game would always go through different phases and switch things up as the attacking team has completed objectives.

Starfighter Assault: Its Galactic Assault in space. The difference being that it’s not an attackers and defenders concept, both teams have objectives to fulfill. Spaceships feel like a breeze, and flying them is seriously a lot of fun. It does a great job of capturing how the space battles feel like in the movies, and I honestly can’t ask for much more than that. Very entertaining.

Hero Hunt: A great way to try out the heroes, see how they fare against each other. Overall a great opportunity to play as a hero online without a torturous grind to play as one in galactic assault or strike. The mechanics are as ridiculous as they were in the first reboot, but it evens out by being about as fun as it was in the reboot as well.

Strike: The smaller 6 vs. 6 game mode of the multiplayer. It’s like a game of one flag capture the flag. The defending team has a package inside of their base, and it’s up to the attacking team to retrieve it. The attacking team must bring the package to an extraction location, usually at the other end of the map from where the defenders are.

If the attackers manage to extract the package they win, if the defenders can deplete all attacking reinforcements before the package is extracted, they win.

Overall this mode is okay, but probably the weakest out of all of them. It’s just me personally, but I just was easily more entertained with the more massive-scaled battles in Battlefront 2.

Overall Multiplayer Verdict:

I appreciate the beauty of the graphics and gameplay. I love how much more fast-paced this game’s combat is compared to the first. This game absolutely feels like a star wars setting, the animations, and everything. The game has strange physics, but they work because although they are a bit unrealistic, they still make me feel like it’s Star Wars. The way the bodies sort of is a bit extra animated during physics sequences during death definitely feels like Star Wars.

The most significant problem, however, is the micro-transaction system. It takes away from the competitive nature of primarily every multiplayer shooter out there. It is blatantly obvious that someone who spent a ton of cash on loot crates to get improved star cards will have an advantage over you.


For a Star Wars fan, I think that there is a lot to love here, but everyone will come to have a different opinion of the overall story. It does have that soap opera feel. Some of it does not make sense, and the main character, Iden Versio at times feels unrelatable due to the corny writing.

Iden Versio is a soldier who works with the infamous Inferno Squad. A small platoon of soldiers who have taken on some of the most dangerous missions for the empire, and triumphed with success. The game attempts to tell the story from the perspective of the Empire at first but then *spoilers* she betrays the Empire and has a change of heart. The way it occurs doesn’t make a lot of sense, and if you ever play through it, you’ll see why.

The story does offer some epic moments and shows off some of our beloved characters from the original trilogy. There was one moment that did almost make me drop a tear, because I thought to myself, my god, this man is so humble, and has such wisdom. I can say, there are some dumb moments, and some epic moments, and overall from a plot perspective, it’s a mixed bag.

One thing I did love is the gameplay overall of the campaign. You are put in a lot of cool, at times over-the-top situations, and the story does an excellent job at showing off the many game mechanics.

If you want this game for the campaign alone, it’s not worth it, as the game is only about 5-6 hours long. Instead, I’d recommend maybe just watching a youtube playthrough of the main campaign if you want to experience the Star Wars lore within it that is now considered to be canon.

Arcade mode:

The singleplayer also offers an arcade mode which I like. There is a mode called Battle Scenarios that provide objective based gameplay, You play against bots, and you can play split screen with a friend on console. You can unlock missions and such. It reminds me a lot of Spec Ops from the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare series.

The other part of Arcade is called custom arcade which allows you to create your style of game against bots. Custom arcade is the closest thing we have received so far to be similar to the beloved instant action mode of the original Star Wars Battlefront games.




You are allowed to customize the game settings to how you see fit. Whether you just want to play as a hero, slashing away at 1000 respawned troops, or you want to create some teamed battle with bots, it is up to you. You can choose what map you want to play on, the difficulty of your enemies, the damage per shot ratio the game gives off, there is a lot of fresh, customizable options.

On console versions, you can play co-op in the arcade modes, or even against each other. So that’s a plus as well. The AI isn’t all that good, but the chances are that you’ll get caught up in the action that you won’t even notice.


-Beautiful graphics, the animations are fluid and stable. The worlds feel lived in on multiplayer, and the game makes you feel like you are in a Star Wars scenario. Textures are solid and fantastic, and this might be the best looking games of 2017.

-Star Wars Battlefront 2 fixes the lack of content the first reboot had the problem with. More weapons, more maps, a campaign, and a much-improved arcade mode experience as well.

-Sounds, voice acting, and overall setting and atmosphere of the game is presented and feels professional, except for the star cards and loot crates.

-The singleplayer campaign has some fun levels and cool moments that bridge some of the gaps between Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi, and Star Wars VII The Force Awakens.


-The #1 con is obviously the loot crate system. It takes forever to earn enough credits to purchase loot crates, and can easily be abused with its pay to win mechanics.

-The progression system is terrible overall. The game does not do an excellent job of explaining it, and the pay to win mechanics make this game feel more like a slot machine, instead of a progression system.

-Some of the moments of the campaign don’t make sense, and the overall campaign failed to make me feel challenged, meaning that it was overall pretty easy.

Final Verdict:

Overall this game is actually a pretty good game despite all the controversy it gets with its loot crate progression system. I took a lot of that into account when thinking and preparing this review. You cannot deny the hard work and craftsmanship that went into building this game, but at the same time, you can’t excuse this horrible system that is going to games today.

That is a big part of why I cannot support this game. If this loot crate system becomes the norm of how we play video games, then there will no longer be video games created with the idea that you’ll actually have to put some strategy or train of thought into how you will win. Microtransactions that create advantages in video games absolutely kill the competitive spirit of the multiplayer experience. Star Wars Battlefront 2 gets a…


Who is Star Wars Battlefront 2 for?

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is not worth it for a stand-alone singleplayer experience. If you are willing to accept that you probably will never have the best gear without the use of Microtransactions, then I would maybe recommend this game for you. If you just don’t care about how you spend your money, and what it represents or what it’s for, and just want to buy some loot crates, then I would probably recommend this game for you. At the same time, the more money that EA makes money off of micro-transactions, the more it encourages EA and other major industries to partake in these practices.

If you want to experience the story, I highly recommend using EA’s origin subscription service to rent the game for 10 hours or eventually buying it when it becomes available on a local Redbox somewhere. If you do indeed feel that you need this game, you can buy it from the small picture down below, the link attached to it will take you straight to the product on

One thing to consider is that this game does have free DLC packs coming in the future, and it is possible that the DLC may add to the single-player campaign. The DLC packs will increase the value of the game, and over time the game may be on sale as well.

Thanks for stopping by, If you have any questions, concerns, comments, leave them below, and I will get back to you immediately. I’ll see you all in the next post!

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  1. Great in-depth review about this Star Wars game. I haven’t played one in a long time but when I did I remember having a lot of fun.

    I have agree I hate games that you have pay a lot for to do any kind of real competing in… and this game seems to be just that.

    I do like though you said graphics and multiplayer are great which are 2 things I really look at when wanting buy a game.

    Thanks again for the review.

  2. Hi there,

    your post finally made me buy a PS4. The gameplay sounds fantastic and I had no idea that there is the option to rent it through origin. Is this available for a lot of games?

    Anyway, would you recommend to play the first battlefront first?

    Thanks for getting back to me!


    • Hi Manny, I don’t know a whole lot about origin but I think that it is likely that there are multiple titles both old and new available for rent from origin. I think they give you the video game titles digitally for a specified amount of time, like 10 hours and then once the time limit is up, you no longer have the title.

      The first Battlefront is okay. I wouldn’t say it is necessary to play, unless you are feeling like you want that Star Wars experience without dishing out $60 to play the latest title. Compared to the first reboot of Star Wars Battlefront however, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a lot better, more content, more maps, weapons, more single player content and so forth.

      The first Star Wars Battlefront does not have any campaign/story, and is mostly focused on multiplayer, so you wont be missing out on any context if you play the first Battlefront.

      Also one last thing, the micro-transactions are seemingly deleted by EA at the moment due to the backlash from fans, so at least for the moment, the multiplayer will be a more fair experience.

      I am glad to see I inspired you to buy a PS4 Manny! Let me know if you do decide to grab Star Wars Battlefront 2, and if you do, your opinion on it! Also I know about a subscription service on the PS4 as well that allows you to have free access to older PS3 games, classic games from the 1990’s and early 2000’s. I like to call it the Playstation gaming version of Netflix. Anyways it’s called Playstation Now, and you can check it out right here if you want to!

      Thanks for stopping by Manny! Come back again any time!

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