SCP Containment Breach Review: A strange game that presents an eerie atmosphere

SCP Containment Breach is a free to play horror game developed by a man named Joonas Rikkonen. You play the role of a prisoner, and you have the opportunity to earn your way out of prison and be pardoned for all past crimes if you successfully cooperate with an experiment. A lot of the game consists of finding ways to avoid these bizarre test subjects, each of them possessing a different way to kill you.

If you are interested, the game can be downloaded for free here.

The gameplay:

Well, not much too it, you walk around, and there’s a meter for your stamina, effects sprinting times, and another meter for your eyesight, when it goes out, you blink. That part is cool actually, not a lot of games try to capture realistically¬†eye movement in a first-person perspective. But as you would expect, you have no access to weapons, the only way to defend yourself is to run away.

The name of those who pose threats to you are called SCP, and everything seems to go by SCP, along with a numerical code. For example, the central antagonist is called SCP 173, a scarecrow looking doll that won’t move as long as you look at him. It is so easy to turn away, however, to attempt to open a door, or something similar within that vein.

There were a few times within this game that I actually felt genuinely frightened, and that was around the beginning. After the magic wears off, I felt more annoyed than scared about some monster. The number of times you will die out of nowhere is ridiculous. The only way to play this game is easy for me, as it is the only mode where you can press F5 to save.

The game also makes no attempts to tell you what you are doing or where you are supposed to go. For me, everything has been a big guessing game, and I have had to resort to the internet various times to even have a clue what to do. I felt like the game was trolling me in the beginning as I got a key card only to find out it didn’t even work for anything or it was a high enough level of security clearance.

This one SCP can walk through walls, teleport, and seemingly shows up out of nowhere. I believe SCP-106 is the official name of this character. If he catches you, he uses his hand, it looks like he is going to swipe you, and then you are sent into something called the pocket dimension. To me, it seems like I am going on a terrible acid trip.

The visuals get blurry and distorted, and all of these other effects are happening at once. I swear to you, it is straight up headache inducing, you can’t even tell where you are going, and I can see a lot of people being turned off to the game, solely because of this. Others may tolerate it, I had a hard time getting through it, and at times I just closed my eyes and waited for these strange sequences to be over.

Outside of SCP-106, there are also various bad acid trip sequences for the sake of immersion. Also, at times for unexplained reasons, you can get sick and experience blood loss out of nowhere. I don’t even remember what caused my character to start bleeding everywhere, and it was a frustrating mechanic because I could not figure out how to make it stop other than by going back and loading an old save file, and playing through an entire section of the game all over again.

One thing I will say is that this game has crocodiles that mimic human voices, and that is one of the strangest things I have seen and heard of in my life.


Everything looks the same. I don’t even know where I am going 90% of the time or what I am supposed to do. It’s only made worse adding insult to injury getting killed by something utterly impossible to spot when all I want is to figure out where I’m going or what I am supposed to.

The animations are pretty bad. The only consistent animation is a walk cycle, and everything else is relied upon the games jump scares, and significant screen mimics. For example, in the introduction of the game, it shows two men being destroyed by SCP-173 (the scarecrow doll thing), to avoid animating the men dying, the screen just fades to black.

Oh, and the various blurry visual sequences are quite headache inducing.

Atmosphere and theme:

Despite the overall bad graphics and bad gameplay, this game does feel genuinely scary at times, and the music will keep some on edge for a good majority of the gameplay, although not everyone. My favorite part of the game is actually the beginning. I’m just sitting in my cell, and these officers come and get me, and I follow an officer to the test subject chamber holding SCP 173.

In the background you hear people talking about their lives, conversing with one of another, and it brought a certain sense of life to the game despite its outdated visuals and animations. The first 5 minutes of the game, unfortunately, are the only breath of life that the game felt like it had. Once everything goes haywire in classical “experiment gone wrong” fashion, it is a lonely and murky atmosphere.

I do understand that the game is supposed to have the lonely and murky atmosphere, but once we move on from the first 5 minutes of the game, that’s when the main faults of the game consistently show, and the overbearing difficulty, even on easy is enough to shut many players out. The challenge isn’t a good challenge, because as the players, we don’t have a clue what we are up against most of the time, and the jump scares usually cause us to die.

There’s not any real way to prepare for the challenge. Death happens at the most random of occurrences.


-Game can be ominous and scary

-Music does a good job maintaining the atmosphere

-For what’s offered, you do get a good deal, as the game is free.


-Horrible graphics and gameplay

-Annoyingly hard monsters

-You cannot defend yourself outside of running away

-Blurry visuals will either scare you or give you a headache

Final Verdict:

SCP Containment Breach is not for everyone, and I can say it was not for me either. I will say that despite the lousy gameplay and visuals, the game is pretty creative and does come with a lot of interesting lore. The setting of being inside a prison where the wardens and staff use their prisoners as test subjects for experiments that can cause fatal death is a fascinating concept. In all honesty, I wish the game stuck with that kind of theme instead of another “experiment gone wrong” type of setting.

SCP Containment Breach gets a..


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