Scorn part 1 of 2: Dasein:A look at this upcoming Survival Horror Game

Scorn is an upcoming atmospheric First-Person horror game being developed and published by Ebb software, set to release sometime in 2018. The story is discovered through exploration, as the plot is built towards the idea of putting you into its world, and letting you figure things out for yourself. There are no cut scenes and no interruptions of gameplay. The story is told through exploring the environment and figuring things out for yourself.

Welcome to the world of Scorn, it’s not pretty, and most sane people will not enjoy their stay!


A lot of gameplay places a significant emphasis on exploration, but don’t worry, it’s not a walking simulator. The game does have first-person shooter mechanics, but also restricts you on ammo and other items/resources, doing so to create that survival element of the game. Rumors and indications have also led to the belief that RPG elements will come into play, which will be used to upgrade skills and abilities for your character.

The world has multiple pathways, areas to explore, and at times will be so conformed that it feels like a puzzle, and you’re just trying to piece it together to figure out where to go. It is essential to stay aware of your surroundings, or there’s a good chance you’ll get lost or killed.

As I mentioned earlier that there are no hints, no cutscenes, there is also no hud. No type of mini-map. Scorn will not be for the casual gamer, as it is actually looking to be quite the hardcore survival experience. Different play styles must be considered for this game. As much as I would love to just shoot anything in site, due to the limited amount of ammo in this game, there are going to be times when you’ll have to consider sneaking past certain alien foes.

Puzzle Mechanics that we know of so far

Along with some shooting mechanics known to us, knowing that we have to conserve our bullets and resources, the game will also feature various puzzle mechanics. One of the puzzle mechanics we know about for sure is that Scorn has a stone key mechanic that works similar, but also different to key cards in games like Doom.

Chances are if the game follows the path of progression presented in the demo, you’ll start Scorn out with an orange keystone. This keystone is used to open orange node doors.

The orange keystone is only good for orange node doors.

Other doors have a blue color code, and you’ll need to change the node on your keystone to the color blue in order to have access to what lies behind. To do this, you need to find a machine that changes the color of your keystone and insert your keystone into the machine.

The machine, as represented in the middle of this picture.

Insert the keystone into the machine, then at the control panel, use your hand to activate the terminal thing that changes the keystone color to the machine’s providing option. In this case, the option is blue. The device turns the keystone from orange to blue, and you can now use your keystone for blue node doors.

And that allows for doors like these to open.

The Atmosphere and Setting:

The world is full of bizarre art. Dark futuristic looking corridors and hallways, mixed in with old plant strains but also mixed in with blood. In some of the halls of the game, the sound echoes. The ugly little monsters screeching, gunshots, groans, footsteps, all that kind of stuff echoes. It amplifies and intensifies the sound design exceptionally well in my opinion.

The strange mix of alien obscurities, old fauna plants, and blood spats make me think that if Half-Life was more of a horror game, then this is what the Xen levels would look like. I love that it reminds me of Xen from Half-Life as well, contrary to popular preferences, I actually loved the Xen levels from Half-Life.

Everything feels alive in this game, even objects that would typically be considered to be inanimate. For example, your gun is made out of flesh and bone, and parts of it occasionally move around, as if the gun is alive. Every time you interact with the environment, the game actually shows you performing the action, compared to various other games where your character presses a switch, and the switch just activates whatever it was supposed to.

Positives and concerns:


-The visuals and graphics are amazing, and animations are smooth and silky from what we have seen so far.

-Despite a failed Kickstarter campaign and not receiving the required funds at one point, the developers continued to work on this project. The fact that they refused to abandon this project really shows that this game has heart and determination.

-From what we have seen so far, Scorn does an exceptional job at capturing an eerie atmosphere, and the world looks like a splendid place to spend some time.


-This one may be unique to a few select amount of people, but the game does look like it will be slow in the combat aspect. The sprinting speed is slow, but then again, the game is based on the concept of resource conservation. This means that while combat is there, it may not be a prominent aspect of the overall game. It is too early to know anything at this time, as the game is set to release sometime in 2018.

Nonetheless, I am quite excited for this game, and at Schilling Pulse Video Games, we will be updating you all about Scorn.

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