Far Cry 5 Weapons

One big deal about Far Cry 5, is what you can use for firearms! Schillingpulsevideogames.com has every intention of laying down the sources of weaponry and will continue to update the list as time moves on. So stay tuned to Schillingpulsevideogames for all Far Cry 5 content!


1911- A long-lasting classic starting gun throughout most games in the Far Cry series!


.44 Magnum- Everyone’s favorite Smith and Wesson western cannon is back!



M133- Making its return to Far Cry 5, the M133 is a perfect pump-action shotgun for clearing out rooms(I’m assuming). Make sure you don’t get yourself caught in the open and need to reload with this gun.

HK FP6- A 12 gauge pump action shotgun. Far Cry 5 will be the first game in the Far Cry series to feature usage of this weapon.



D2- A double-barreled shotgun, debuting in Far Cry 4, and returning in Far Cry 5. Great for close range, however, if like Far Cry 4, this gun shoots both shotgun shells at once, so fire rate could be low!

Assault Rifles:

AR-C- A fairly powerful assault rifle that contains 30 rounds per magazine. Very similar to the real-life Hk-416.

Melee Weapons:

Baseball Bat: Take it to your enemies hoodlum style, and beat the hell out of cult members with a baseball bat!

Nail covered baseball bat: Like the baseball bat, but with nails sticking out towards the tip.

Other weapons:

Compound Bow: A bow type weapon used for archery, can be used for combat situations or animal hunting.

Along with these guns, a Flamethrower has also appeared in this game. Grenades and Molotov Cocktails will be available to the players arsenal. It is assumed that the Remington 700 Shotgun will be available for use, due to seeing it in the background of a screenshot. Adding on to that, the M4 Carbine, Scorpian, and Mac-10 appeared in rare screenshots. Devolpers confirmed that a pitchfork meele weapon will be available to use. They mentioned that not only can you stab people with it, but you can throw it into your foes as well!


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