Ark Survival Evolved: Believing in The Empire

This passage is about the basis of my story, as well as a nutshell to what happened in previous posts about this story, to start reading the current part of the story, scroll down until you see in big bold letters “The current arc begins here.”

Anyone ever read my Ark Survival Evolved: Survival of the Perpetrators series? I haven’t written a new edition to those series because I haven’t played Ark Survival Evolved for almost a month. We were going in hot about to raid a tribe, it got pretty late at night, and then we kind of all lost motivation to play because the server we played on was pretty dead. It had about two players on a day by the time I quit, so with low player counts comes uneventfulness. I lost my Ark playing motivation for a few weeks, switched over to reviewing some games, and I played some Arma 3 for awhile, but now I am ready to get back into Ark, I’ve actually been playing for the last 4-5 days quite extensively. I am going to start the story pretty much right where I left off, and I will be writing this in gaming fiction format like I did with the Survival of the Perpetrators. To me, gaming fiction is when I play through the game and write/record all the events that happen to me, but I also add drama to these developments to make it appear as though you are reading a book instead of reading a playthrough of a videogame.  This next section is copy and paste from previous posts; this is for people who don’t understand very much about Ark Survival Evolved.

My personal advice on Ark Servers: One of the biggest reasons why I enjoy Ark Survival Evolved so much is because of the unofficial servers. Many server admins do a spectacular job at managing their servers and prevent hacking as well as ban hackers. I strongly suggest you find a good and honest unofficial server. It can be hit or miss, but I have heard some of the scariest things about official servers in Ark, hackers roaming around, you may not have a chance to get set up on official servers. You don’t have to take my word for it if you don’t want to, but it is my personal opinion that your life will more than likely be easier on unofficial servers!

Ark is not very much a plot based game but a Survival multiplayer first person shooter game where you can pretty much do anything and everything. Also, this game is mixed with pre-historic epic stuff as well as futuristic stuff; it’s a strange but unique and fun combination. I wrote a review for Ark, and it was the first gaming review I did on this site, so if you want to have like a better understanding of what this game is about and how it works if you don’t already, read my Ark Survival Evolved review here!

Ark has an enormous file size. I am not very familiar with the Xbox one or PS4 version, but the PC version will take a lot of space out of your hard drive, especially if you play unofficial servers. There are so many mods that will download into your Ark that you will struggle to keep track of your hard drive space. I am so addicted to Ark that I willingly deleted over half of my games on steam(you still own the games on Steam, you just have to re-download them to play them). I should also let you know that you will need to be able to deal with low frame rate drops and sometimes occasional texture drops, the game is early access. If these kinds of things kind of drive you crazy and annoy you, you will not enjoy Ark. I love the game to death, though, and I look past these sorts of things easily, it really just depends on the person.

MINIMUM: (Copied/pasted from Steam)

    • OS: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or Windows 8
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
    • Memory: 4000 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX10 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 40000 MB available space

Please note that the requirements for Ark can change based on mods downloaded from unofficial servers/mods downloaded at all.

If you want to be crystal clear up to date with my story, click on these links to read the first parts of the story, if not, I will give a nutshell of the story of my character and everything that has occurred.

Ark Survival Evolved, Survival of the Perpetrators: Introduction and Victor Eddison’s Backstory

Week 1: days 1-5

End of week 1

Week 2

That is a lot of text, over 1000 words in each one of those posts, so to save you some time and help you understand my story. My characters name is Victor Eddison; his whole family is killed while a young teenager. He meets some guy named Jag. (We’ve been playing Ark together in real life on and off for a year now). They teamed up, worked together for a long time. Come to the point of where my story starts in Week 1 days 1-5; we get attacked by some tribe called Molten chicks. I meet up with some other members of the tribe. The entire arc of that consists of us raiding other tribes and building excellent defenses. Week 2, the last article I wrote for my Ark gaming fiction ends with a significant dispute within the tribe, and a fist fight breaking out, ending in people leaving the tribe, and now it is time to start the latest edition of Victor Eddison’s story.

The current arc begins here:

With the parting of Bomba Du, Aaedin,  Liolae, I didn’t quite have an idea of the direction I should take the tribe, and what little of it was left population wise. I called off the mercenaries to join us in raiding, with the huge influx of members just leaving the Perpetrators, I didn’t really see the need to just stay in some cave all alone. You got lucky this time Molten Chicks, I hope you are enjoying your stay, just know if I was motivated enough, you wouldn’t be sitting and enjoying everything while on your high horse.

Leaving the underwater cave base we made.


 I took some time off from all the combat, all the blood. I was rich enough from my endeavors when I revived the Perpetrators. Jag did the same, we kind of just chilled out; we had enough food supplies to last us three months without putting in any effort to make more. Jag decided to leave and see his family. I am sure that we will be working together once again, as we always find some reason to work together.
I came to the realization that my tribe is pretty much dead, not much barrier or opportunity to start up business as older tribe members have moved into other adventures within their lives or have died. If I want to become more wealthy, I will have to gain more connections. Perhaps that means I should offer my services to other tribes, after all, more numbers become more power.
Introduction to EMPIRE:
After about three weeks of scouting tribes around the main island, I was eventually approached by a man named Bam Bam. He is one of the two leaders of the EMPIRE tribe, the other being a woman named Pebbles. They are engaged to be married soon(personal congratulations from me). We negotiated that I would be allowed access to tribe resources as well as a place to sleep, in exchange for my cooperation in Tribe matters. Rules also were presented to where I could not engage in violent activity with other tribes without the consent of the tribe council.
I arrived at the base; it was in the beginning stages. Small amounts of turrets, but the base had great potential.
 Three days ago is when I became a part of the EMPIRE. I spent my first few days taming animals and exploring the Island. There have been some strange mutations lately as well as new animals. I am quite fascinated by them and their abilities. The base we live at is located next to the swamp on top of a cliff.

Such as the Therizinosaurus, a fur coat covered thing that looks like a duck with a large neck and this Therizinosaurus has vicious-looking claws. I also found these jellyfish in the depths of the ocean that have not appeared before my eyes before. I concluded that they give off an electric type of toxin. I learned how to harvest that toxin, and I created shocking tranquilizer darts with them.

Ark tip: Ark Survival Evolved just came up with some new dinos, and as I mentioned in fiction mode that I discovered jellyfish, jellyfish are a part of the latest content released by the developers for Ark Survival Evolved. If you harvest the toxins from jellyfish, you will be able to use that toxin to create a stronger type of tranquilizer darts for the Longneck Rifle. These shock humans, they will be trapped for a small amount of time if shot. They also do about double the torpor that regular darts do to dinos, so these are the best thing to use for taming dinos.

I spend the past two days harvesting, mining, and breeding. I found a new cave about two days ago. I was stunned

It was gloomy looking, had a fungus that lit up green, it was just incredible looking! I used the cave for chitin that I would eventually transform into cementing paste. 

The base has been improved while I was away gathering resources for the tribe, I came back to find that the building for our base has come along nicely.

I decided I better stop taming dinos and prepare for the event that we get raided and decided to club up some penguins, gather some polymer and make some turrets.

Today I had Spinosaurus’s breed, and I talked to Pebbles. I wanted to know the security of the EMPIRE, and she confirmed to me that we are the strongest tribe on the island. She told me the story of an individual named Soda. This Soda person, defected from the tribe to join another tribe that possibly can rival EMPIRE. He was a real hot head, started raiding without the tribe’s permission! When I heard this story, a brief flash memory of Bomba Du appeared in my mind. I wonder if I will ever run into Aaedin and his crew again, and if I do, will it be on good terms?

The tribe Soda went awol for is called KFW. From the conversation I had with Bam Bam, we are on good terms with them as him and Pebbles are friends with the tribe’s leader. He also mentioned that some members of KFW have a strong dislike for us, I can only imagine what type of moral situation that tribe is going through, being prevented from having a shot at us due to their leader. These kind of situations are always so fascinating for me, even when my life is at risk, I just can’t wait to find out what happens next!

The briefing of the tribe’s situation that I had with Bam Bam

Well, that’s about all I got so far. Nothing to engaging has happened yet for me besides meeting everyone, this tribe is pretty humerus, everyone here is fun to play with! It’s also exciting to be apart of a new tribe, I have been leading a tribe for the better part of 6-8 months, so It’s kind of cool not telling a bunch of people what to do, and just having fun with the game. I want to thank everyone for reading, please leave a comment below, I would love to engage with commentators of my content as I always do! Please let me know if you have any questions about Ark Survival Evolved, and  I will definitely get back to you!

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  1. I hope the story of our tribe will continue to grow as the time goes. 🙂 I love it! I can’t wait to read more!

    • Hey Zekke, I am glad you love the story thus far! More editions are soon to come, and I am looking forward to playing with you soon as well!

  2. I really enjoyed your site. While I am not the gamer that I used to be, I still enjoy video games a great deal so to have a site that not only reviews them but offers them for sale through amazon i thought was pretty cool. One thing I think would be kind of cool for your site would be live chat room where people can also chat back and forth about the games that you have reviewed and also other games they like in general

    • Hi Steven thanks for your comment, and as for your idea, I think that is actually an amazing idea, something I have not thought about or considered! I will have to get right on that idea, just gonna have to learn how to install a chatroom on my site! Thanks for your input and your comment! Have a splendid day 🙂

  3. Awesome Story. As an Ark Survival Player myself I have a lot of fun playing online with my friends and going on adventures, which is what I love about Ark. It’s fun how you can create your own story in the game. I think more people should be playing it. Another great article!

  4. Hey good article, i have been wanting to try out that ARK game, i have never got around too it yet. The grapics look really good and i think i would like it. I have been playing the same games everynight so it would be nice to play something new. Good use of the images keep up the good work!

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