Anthem: Is it just hype? Latest news on this shared world Co-op shooter

So, what is Anthem? Anthem is a shared world Co-op first/third-person shooter with a heavy emphasis on the use of these Javelin Exo-Suits which are powered up mechanical suits that give you the ability to fly around the world like Iron Man via the use of a jetpack, survive in extreme environments and sustain high yields of damage. You also have advanced weaponry built in and have various superhuman powers due to the advanced technology of these exo-suits.

Anthem is currently being developed by BioWare and will be published by Electronic Arts. It is planned to release on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Gameplay: and what we know so far

I think it is safe to assume that most of the gameplay will involve the use of the Javelin exo-suits and that the theme of the game is to power these suits up to your custom liking. Let’s go over the abilities we know of so far.

Some advanced weaponry of these exo-suits includes the ability to launch destructive missile barrages, as well as motor missile launches. The suit allows for fast ground movement, and also as the ability to move freely underwater at rapid rates.


There are different classes of exo-suits, each customizable in their own right. Here’s what we know about the classes so far.

The Ranger Class is designed for balance; it’s not the most durable, but not the weakest class either. The Ranger Class is known for its variety factor.

The Colossus class is designed to be a powerhouse class, capable of taking on more punishment compared to the ranger, and also dishing out higher yields of damage. While unconfirmed, I think it can be assumed that this class will probably have slower movement speed compared to the ranger class.

This is all the confirmed information I have managed to find on the Javelin exo-suits so far. Everything else is up in the air. I am going to make a prediction that they will have a speed based exo-suit class that offers the highest possible movement speed in all situations, but weaker attacks and lower health compared to all other classes. I cannot think of what they would have for a 4th class however if they include a 4th class.

Upgradable weapons:

As seen in the gameplay reveal, defeating enemies can at times yield you items.Expect to see customization of weapons, as well as RPG elements used to improve the efficiency of your guns.

A loot symbol, signifying an in-game item

Proof that weapons can be upgraded, and that stats change based on upgrades.

The theme:

Upon seeing the game for the first time, we immediately feel like we are a part of a world that is bigger than ourselves, and the hype automatically just starts to build up, we can’t stop it. You see the world, and the surrounding people, everything looks animated, moves, and the game effectively captures the feeling of making you belong. The graphics are gorgeous, and it is easy to drop your jaw at the fantastic visual effects presented in the trailers.

The context of everything is also pretty tense. You play as a freelance bounty hunter, and that’s pretty much how you make your living. Everyone lives inside of a wall, because, despite the innovations of humanity, the outside world has turned dangerous.

This atmosphere that we have experienced so far does seem promising. I hope that they don’t make the game feel light-hearted because if pulled off right, this game could contain some spectacular sci-fi drama. Luckily the writer of the first two Mass Effect video games is the writer for this game, so with him crafting the main story, there is a good chance that the plot will be engaging and tense.

So is this game all hype?

We can’t assume anything just yet. Many people feel conflicted when these “too good to be true” type of video games come out, and there have been various letdowns of this kind of games, For example, No Man’s Sky, Mass Effect Andromeda, The first Watch Dogs game.

Despite the flop of Mass Effect Andromeda, BioWare has made some excellent titles in the past. Also, the Mass Effect series is a cultural beloved video game series by so many gamers. I think the best way to approach Anthem is partial with caution, but also with excitement. The game will show its true nature as time goes on.

For now, let’s look at the good signs and the bad!

The Good:

-Great graphics and the game runs on the Frostbite Engine.

-It does appear that the game will contain lots of customization, and this will allow for lots of replayability by experimentation on different weapons and effects

-Even if the game is nowhere near how good it looks, you can’t deny that flying around like Iron Man is going to be awesome!

BioWare is a reputable company that has made smashing successful games in the past.

The Bad/Unknown

-We are not aware how big the world is, or how accessible it is. The world could be broken off into different stages, where you have to load through something to get access to a specific area. The weather effects in the trailer are phenomenal looking, but it is going to take some power for these kinds of results to register on a regular PC and may cause frame rate issues on console.

-Many Publishers of video games make video games seem way better than they really are at E3 or other enormous gaming conventions.

-Could become too similar to Destiny, A big system based on loot could turn into a grind fest that could lose its appeal fast.

News about Beta:

The lead developer for Anthem has confirmed in a tweet that Anthem will have a Beta. No date of when has been confirmed as of yet, and since it is been noted that this game will come out near the end of 2018, it is likely that the beta will be released far into the future as well.

Overall, I think the best approach to this game is not to be overly excited, but still check in once in a while out of sheer curiosity, and that’s what we plan on doing here at Schilling Pulse Video Games. So if you are interested in news and updates, stay tuned to Schilling Pulse Video Games.


Last but not least, if you have yet to see the trailer for Anthem, well here you go…


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