About Mr.Schilling

Hello, My name is Jacob Schilling, I am the founder of Schilling Pulse video games. I have always loved video games, they are one of my things I do to relax. When I was like 5, my brother let me play his gameboy (or maybe I just took it, I can’t remember) and I played Metroid 2, return of Samus. I was completely mesmerized, because it was my first time playing a videogame,About Mr.Schilling but not only that, but it was a rather peculiar and strange game, the sounds of the game, the strange ambiance, I always felt like something strange was lurking and watching me in the game. While it was creepy, that doesn’t mean its bad, for me, I kinda felt like my body was being lifted up, and everything kind of felt lighter while I played the game. To this day, the Metroid series is my favorite video game franchise of all time, and I would have to say the very first Metroid Prime video game is my favorite video game of all time.

Outside of Metroid, I like first person shooters, survival games, horror games, fighting games, and certain side scrolling games. I was a fan of Call of Duty at one point but I stopped buying after Modern Warfare 3, I love wwe games, and I am excited for Wwe 2k17 this October. I have yet to play through the Metro and S.t.a.l.k.e.r series, they are just lying around on my steam account. Perhaps I’ll do a future play through of those series. I really forgot where I was going with the rest of this post, but it all boils down to this one point. I am going to show you what you need to know about certain video games, I’ll give you as much detail as I can, weather it be via review, lets plays(in the future) or whatever, I have a passion for videogames that give you the sense of ambiance, thrill, excitement, and get your PULSE a little more intense!